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"There is no magic bullet for success but there is a success formula. The formula is hard WORK with a PURPOSE and allow TIME to compound your efforts."

– Dale Brooks

   Michael Lancto


   Jerome & Debera Scott


"AmeriPlan® could possibly be the best home-based business opportunity in America today."

– Jerome & Debera Scott

"The only reason we looked at Ameriplan was for the benefits for our employees, never thinking that it just could be what we had always hoped would come along. And it was."

– Roger & Tracy Kamen

"We knew we were just one decision away from true freedom in our lives…"

– Roger Kamen

"When people ask us what it takes to make it in the business we say it's real simple pray like it's up to God and work like it's up to you, take your eyes off what you want and focus them on how you can help others achieve their dreams and then do WHATEVER it takes period."

– Roger & Tracy Kamen

"Steve and Julie claimed the largest annual income increase in Ameriplan…"

Top Success

Dale & Donna Brooks
National Vice Presidents
$650,000 Residual Income Earners

My parents were both teachers and they instilled in me three things: an appreciation of learning: the ability to communicate, to watch people and see if they are understanding what you’re explaining to them: and the understanding that you never quit at anything.

In the late eighties, when the economy was depressed, I lost my job and suddenly, overnight, I had no way to support my wife and three kids. With a deep recession in Texas I did various jobs to keep some money coming into the house. It was during that time that I started doing insurance. It was during that time that I recognized the problems in healthcare. I also learned the financial security offered by residual income. When a friend of mine called and talked to me about a solution to the healthcare crises I was ready to take full advantage of this opportunity.

I immediately began enrolling members and building my check. I found that there are hundred of thousands of people who have a NEED for our benefit package. Within a few months I had enough members enrolled and the residual income from them paid my house payment. That was my first big goal and when I achieved it, I was ready to get my life back on a strong financial basis. I then found a few good people that wanted the same things that Donna and I did and we teamed up and started building.

My first check was only $6 so I decided to just start adding zero’s to the end and now we are at over $650,000 a year residual income. The future is even bigger now than it was when we got started. The NEED is bigger and the desire to have a secure financial income is on everyone’s mind today. We have what people need and all we have to do is let them know we have it. For those people who will do this and will give their efforts time to compound, success is guaranteed.

Today I look back at my experience in and realize that in addition to the gratitude I feel towards my parents for the values they instilled in me, I also owe a great deal to a company that gave me a chance to start over at the age of 47. Here is what I can assure everyone, you will not be asked for your resume’, background, age, skills. All we want to know is "What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?" I just wanted my life back and I was willing to work long and hard to get it.

It is my firm belief that the people who make it in any business have a very strong PURPOSE for making it. There is no magic bullet for success but there is a success formula. The formula is hard WORK with a PURPOSE and allow TIME to compound you efforts.

Michael Lancto
National Vice President
$300,000 Residual Income Earner

Prior to Ameriplan Michael Lancto was in the ministry full-time for 13 years and then worked in the IT Consulting field for 2 years. Seeking a dental plan for his employees, Michael found Ameriplan and chose to be an IBO to not only aquire the benefits but also make some extra money.

Michael Lancto started his Ameriplan business in May 1999. In 9 months Michael was a National Sales Director with 1/2 of his business from his warm market, and 1/2 of his business from Internet Marketing. Michael quickly progressed to more and more internet marketing, so he could build his business from home.

Michael was earning $100,000 per year residually in 2 years and $250,000 per year residually in 4 1/2 years. Today Michael continues to earn over $300,000 per year residually and he is one of only 9 National Vice Presidents.

Jerome and Debera Scott
National Vice Presidents
$300,000 Residual Income Earners

Jerome and Debera Scott, are among the leaders of Detroit's "New Economy and New Entrepreneurs" movement. They are living their magnanimous dream of being successful millionaires as evidenced by their fabulous home and an array of luxury cars, highlighting their unequivocal financial freedom. The Scott's success is also predicated on how well they've trained and motivated their innumerable business partners and associates to become successful.

Based on the concept of "sharing and caring," Jerome and Debera are helping to introduce AmeriPlan USA® to the Midwest and other parts of the US.

According to Jerome and Debera, AmeriPlan® could possibly be the best home-based business opportunity in America today. The AmeriPlan® opportunity brings affordable healthcare to millions of uninsured and underinsured citizens of this great country.

The Scotts have derived enormous pleasure from observing success all around them when it comes to their friends and business partners. Whether it's a new home, a new car, vacations, travel or a comfortable retirement, the residual income created by this reputable business can allow one to dream and not be disappointed.

Which paradigm is your paradigm…? It's up to you to decide.
What is your future going to look like?
Where will you be tomorrow?

Roger & Tracy Kaman
National Sales Directors
$200,000 Residual Income Earners

Tracy and I took a look at this fantastic business in July 1997 not because we really wanted to but to do a favor for my brother-in-law (basically to get him off our back). As it turned out he was actually doing us the biggest favor that anyone ever did (Thanks Mike & Joanie). I remember telling my brother-in-law "Whatever you do DON'T tell me about the business just the benefits".

We were working about 60-70 hours a week. I come from a background of being a police officer and Tracy from the restaurant industry we also owned a small business in our local town with over 20 employees. The only reason we looked at Ameriplan is for the benefits for our employees, never thinking that it just could be what we had always hoped would come along. And it was.

We were working extremely hard but never seemed to be able to get ahead, proving that hard work is not the only formula to success but having a system encompassing a formula of (trust God + hard work + working smart = success).

Shortly after joining Ameriplan we were going through some of the worst financial struggles we had ever experienced in our lives. With our business struggling to keep the doors opened we quickly got behind on every bill we had both personal and business. We had got to the point that our only hope or way out was Ameriplan. We were believing that God had put this company in our lives to not only help ourselves but others as well.

Within just a short few months we began to get so far behind we were experiencing the phone & lights being shut off on a weekly basis because of either late payments or the payments being no good. We continued to pray and kept seeing the vision that Ameriplan was our only way out so we kept following the system and working our business.

Within a couple of more weeks we lost our car and were forced to drive a car that started about every 3rd time. Then one day I got a call from our landlord that we had been so far behind on the payments that we had 3 days to move.

We eventually lost everything but the one thing we held onto was the HOPE that Ameriplan offered to get out of where we were. We knew our situation was just temporary and not our reality. We had a daily saying, "Pray like it's up to God but WORK like it's up to us.

We knew we were just one decision away from true FREEDOM in our lives so we decided that there was no way God wanted us to continue to live a struggled lifestyle but a lifestyle of abundance. I remember meeting with Dale Brooks and telling him that we will be National Sales Directors period even though Dale never knew all we were going through he laid out the truth about what it would take and we made a decision to do the work and do WHATEVER it took.

Because of the decision we made that day we have gone from having major stress in our lives, never going on any vacations and losing everything to now being able to work when we want with NO stress, driving the cars of our dreams a S-Type Jaguar, SC 430 Lexus and a real cool Hummer. We have been able to have the time and money to go on vacations to Disney World several times, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Tennessee mountains several times, have a 10 day cruise to Alaska and have been able to spend quality time with our kids Amanda, Chris, Kirstyn and Brittany and our Wonderful Grand baby Emma being full time parents and grandparents is really cool. We have now built a home of our dreams over $500,000 (not bad for someone who got kicked out of his house just a short few years ago) Thank God for Ameriplan...

One of the most rewarding things about having the financial freedom that this business has offered us is we are now able to show others that dreams do come true and see them start to live their dreams. We have been blessed to see many on our team fulfill their dreams. We have many more BIG dreams and we know they WILL become reality because of God and Ameriplan. If you keep your priorities in order and your dream is big enough it will take you though every challenge life throws at you.

We truly believe that success is not measured by what possessions we have but by our daily walk with Christ and the friendship we have developed. It's a lonely world without people to share the great times with. There's no way that any financial successes can replace the close friendships we've developed through this business.

We want to thank all that believed in us early on and kept telling us that we would make it, even when it seemed like it was impossible like: Phyllis Clayton, Ken & Gretchen Hickman, Dale & Donna Brooks, Mark & Tracy Jarvis Thanks for all you did Tracy and I are very grateful.

When people ask us what it takes to make it in the business we say it's real simple pray like it's up to god and work like it's up to you, take your eyes off what you want and focus them on how you can help others achieve their dreams and then do WHATEVER it takes period. There's really no mystery to this business. It's a matter of commitment.

Steve & Julie Luxenberg
National Sales Directors
$200,000 Residual Income Earners

Steve & Julie Luxenberg love the view from the top.

After serving for over 10 years in Kiev, Ukraine as missionaries Steve and Julie returned home so their children could finish school in the U.S. Steve was very concerned about being able to send his kids to college and providing for a retirement for he and Julie. He found Ameriplan and began working this business from his spare bedroom on the internet. He quickly rose to the top in the company and had amazing success. For two years in a row Steve and Julie claimed the largest annual residual income increase in Ameriplan. Between May '03 and June '04 their income increased by $106,682.00

Steve and Julie were pleased to see so many people in their organization achieve short-term goals, intermediate and long-term goals with this business. Steve said it is so important for IBO's to work with people that are ambitious, determined and on fire. "You can't push a rope" Steve said. "If you don't have people who are in the game, it's time to find new people. There's a lot of people out there who will see the vision."

"We recruited Rick Weitl in 2002 through the internet. He quickly became our organization's top producer and my right hand man. From a remote mountain town in northern California Rick and his wife Gail Powers-Weitl (an NSD on his team whom he married) have built a $100,000 plus residual income in just 2 years! They consistently lead our company as top producers and are among the very best trainers/mentors in the country. They have won all the awards, trips and bonus money offered but most importantly they have become our best friends. They are dearly loved through out the entire company ~~ Their team is appropriately named EXTREME TEAM as they are EXTREME Warrior Champions! We are blessed to be in business with them and highly recommend them as upline leaders for anyone serious about building their AmeriPlan business. Team up with EXTREME TEAM and EXPECT EXTREME Success!"

Blessed and thankful to be their sponsors and friends.

Rick Weitl & Gail Powers-Weitl
National Sales Directors
$100,000 Residual Income Earners

We had tried dozens of different home-based businesses over a period of many years. We were never able to get anything going well enough to provide a steady reliable income. Rick worked most of his adult life as a welder, and Gail most of her adult life waiting tables and tending bar.

A few years ago we found AmeriPlan USA® and ExtremeTeamOnline. We began working this business from home following a very simple, well laid out business plan. With the amazing support of this team, unlike everything else we had ever tried, we began making money right away. We quickly realized the potential and became very focused and determined to succeed with this. Working hard at this business for 28 months we built a lifetime residual income of over $100,000 a year.

This business has changed our lives in so many ways. The most precious of which is the many business partners that have become like our family. They provide so much meaning and purpose in our lives and have enriched our lives beyond measure. AmeriPlan USA® has been a dream comes true for us. We know that anyone with a desire to work from home can also find financial freedom and so much more with this company.

Thank You Extreme Team and Thank You AmeriPlan USA®!